NicoNotes 1

Kids can be the DJ to their own party in a new creative way.

NicoNotes Composer allows kids to compose their own music in a creative way with different NicoNotes, birds that have their own unique sounds. To add to the fun of this musical app, kids can visit the notes in their treehouses and interact with them, such as Chippy the C note, a rapper whose favorite color is red. She also gives kids a snippet of one of her songs so that they can rap along. Besides Chippy, there are six other notes kids can visit and get to know.

NicoNotes 3

After going through a short tutorial, kids can begin making their music. The first instrument available to kids is Chopin the Piano. Each instrument is called a MiP (Musical Instrument Pet), turning them into friendly characters, instead of simple instruments. There is a huge variety of MiPs that can be chosen from, including Blaze the Electric Guitar and Boomer the Drums. Although most of the MiPs need to be purchased through the App Store, they are well worth it, since they sound just like the real instruments. This feature lets kids learn and be much more creative in the musical world.

NicoNotes 2

Each NicoNote will have a sound according to the instrument that is set. All kids need to do is slide the NicoNotes onto whichever musical staff they please–it really is that simple! After kids feel they have a good mix, they can listen to their masterpiece. There is no limit to how many notes and measures can be added. Not only can kids create their own sounds, but they can also add their own lyrics, which can definitely help them build up their vocabulary with rhymes, along with their confidence to express themselves through music.

Kids can also visit all the MiPs in their homes and read interesting trivia about the instruments, such as Chopin the Piano being named after the famous Frederic Chopin. Each home kids visit has a new fact that they can learn, which makes this app just as educational as it is creative.

Besides visiting the NicoNotes and MiPs in their homes and making music, there are two other fun experiences kids can have. Kids can also go see the NicoNotes and MiPs at their concerts—but, of course, these are no ordinary concerts. The music that is playing at the concerts is the music that kids have just created themselves.

Finally, kids can enjoy three games that let them interact with the characters from the game and enjoy fun sounds. The first game allows kids to tap on each NicoNote and learn their sounds individually. Each time a NicoNote is tapped on, its note will play and it will fly and sparkle around the game. Kids can also try to have a “demo” version of the song they want to create before actually creating it in the main game. In the second game, kids can tap to make NicoNotes appear and continuously play a sound, which can serve as a way for kids to develop and practice memorization skills. The third game allows kids to be the conductor of their own band. They get to use the magical wand and when moved around, different notes can be heard. In this game, kids can wave the wand to play piano, guitar, and bell sounds.

These games add a more educational feel to the game and are not difficult at all. The games can help boost a child’s music skills at an early age, before they begin to pick up real instruments.

Kids can tune up and become spontaneous music experts with NicoNotes Composer.

NicoNotes Composer is available now as a free download on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.