Remember that fun Nicktoons MLB Video Game we shared with you last year? Well, this year they are stepping up the game’s features by offering a version in for Nintendo 3DS!

From Press Release:

In addition to updated rosters and logos from last season’s Nintendo DS™ version – including the Miami Marlins’ colorful new uniform – Nicktoons MLB 3D features 15 ballparks like the all-new Ook Park of Monkey Quest fame and Chase Field™, the site of the 2011 All-Star Game. New gameplay modes allow players to create a custom All-Star match-up in Showdown; use the augmented reality (AR) feature to enhance their cutter in Frosty Freeze Toss; blast line drives at oncoming boulders in Rock ‘N Roll and more. Nicktoons MLB 3D also supports wireless two-player action for the ultimate in head to head competition (Two Nintendo 3DS systems and two copies of the game are required for this mode).

Nicktoons MLB 3D is the first baseball game for the Nintendo 3DS™ and is available at retail for the suggested price of $29.99.