It’s Time to Get Slimed with Nickelodeon Slime from Cra-Z-Art

If you don’t know about the slime craze that’s been going on, then it’s time for you to get out from that rock you’ve been living under and fully embrace yourself in the oooey, gooey, glorious fun that is slime.

The Nickelodeon Slime, from Cra-Z-Art, is all I need to relive my ’90s childhood days. Back then, there was no greater joy than watching my favorite Nick celebs grace the network’s best game shows—Double Dare, You Can’t Do That, and Figure It Out, just to name a few—and waiting for the ceiling to open up and ooze out the iconic green slime.

Until recently, it was nearly impossible to experience the channel’s beloved slime, unless you were able to talk your parents into booking an epic trip to Nickelodeon Studios—but I digress. With Cra-Z-Art’s line of kits that finally lets kids create their own version of the network’s green goo, all bets are off the table.

The range of slime kits include Neon & Glow, Super Slimy, and Scented, letting kids choose between different textures, colors, and effects. Additionally, the kits include everything needed to concoct the creation, including the ingredients, as well as mixers and bowls.

Following the instructions, kids will be able to make their own slime in a few easy steps. First, kids mix the glue and water into the mixing bowl. After that, they choose which paint they want to use and mix it into the bowl. Each kit comes with three colors to choose from.

Now, kids add some of the slime-making powder and warm water into the second mixing bowl. Once the powder completely dissolves, the contents from that bowl can be mixed with the first bowl. After slowly mixing the solution, kids will start to see slime form. To get the best results, the slime should be mixed for about 10 minutes. The more the slime is mixed, the thicker the end result.

As a result of the potential hazards involved with homemade slime using Borox, Cra-Z-Art reformulated its ingredients with a safe activator that does not include the chemical. Unlike most DIY slime, parents can rest assured knowing that their kids will be out of danger when they use the kits from Cra-Z-Art.

Each type of slime has its own texture and feel to it, so that kids can create different combinations and compare the end results. Unlike many other slime kits, the Nickelodeon Slime is just as oooey and gooey as you would hope for, but it doesn’t leave your hands filling sticky.

The kits are super affordable, fun, and easy, and make it a perfect activity for rainy summer days, or when kids need a break from the heat.



Manufacturer: Cra-Z-Art
MSRP: $10.99-15.99

13 Responses to “It’s Time to Get Slimed with Nickelodeon Slime from Cra-Z-Art”

  1. Oh and fyi you say the activator doesn’t contain Borax, yes it does, look on the front of the box, it says it contains one bag of slime making powder (sodium tetraborate), well sodium tetraborate is another name for borax/boric acid, it’s the same thing so they are literally lying to parents, you could do with writing that in this review to warn people!

  2. What is in the activator that it shouldnt come in contact with skin??

  3. Please send us ingredients of your slime activator? My child had inflamed skin after using.

    • Marissa DiBartolo

      Hi there!

      We are a review website and do not produce any toys– you need to reach out to Cra-Z-Art– the manufacturer of this product!

  4. Amanda

    I want to know the ingredients of your activator. It’s not listed on the bottle, which I don’t think is legal and if it’s not harmful than why does your bottle say not to get the activator on your skin? It’s going into a product you claim as a toy, kids are going to play with it and it’s going to go on their skin! So what’s the activator made from???

  5. Maggie Zoiss

    Funny how everyone keeps insisting this is safe and contains no Borax. You can’t make slime without the boron molecules, so chances are it’s a watered-down version, which is what you do when you make the Borax version anyway. It’s still not ANY safer than it was, exact same earnings on the box about “chemicals,” but conveniently NO ingredient list. If you let your kids play with it for a reasonable amount of time, then dispose it properly, there wouldn’t be a problem with any slime.

  6. Meagan

    The slime kit made my daughters hand rubbery mad about that

  7. Lucy Mason

    You say there is no Borax in the activator. But I need to know WHAT IS IN THE ACTIVATOR?

  8. Brandi lea

    Great product very safe and easy no harsh ingredients…love it

    • Why would you report them? This is a review site. They don’t make the product.


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