Minilotta, from Nici Wonderland and distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Neat-Oh!, is an adorable plush doll for kids ages 2 and up to bring into the bathtub. Minilotta features brown hair in pigtails, orange sandals, and a striped bathing suit. She wears an aqua skirt coverup that has a pocket in front. In her pocket, she carries her trusty duck—which is removable, but is attached with a piece of ribbon to prevent it from getting lost (Crisis averted, parents!).

The cool thing about Minilotta is that she’s made of a fast-drying plush material and features a foam stuffing. This allows kids to play with her in the tub or in the pool, and then again soon after, thanks to her ability to dry out super fast. Kids can also add Minilotta’s accessories for added play value, such as her fluffy blue bathrobe, her water wings, her goggles, and her swim cap, as well as a pretty reversible dress.

Minilotta adds a special element to a kid’s bath toy collection, because plush is not a typical bath toy, so it seems really special. It’s a fun deviation from the normal plastic toys that are a staple in the tub, and Minilotta’s sweet face and duck friend will make bath time even more fun for kids and parents alike.