Three, forty-two! Fifty-two’s the Mike! Fifty-two’s the Mike! Hut, hut, hike!

Designed for two players ages 8 and up, Buffalo GamesNFL Showdown let’s kids go head-to-head in a tabletop game of American football. The kit includes everything football fans need to get started, including miniature pigskin, a field goal post, a scoreboard, and more. There are also football cards with one of 32 team logos on them, so players can coach their favorite. Hands off the New York Giants, that one’s mine.

NFL Showdown is a variation of the real thing, it starts off the same with a coin flip that determines which player runs their offense first. To execute a kickoff, kids can roll their three distance die and add up the numbers to determine their kickoff distance.

Using the line of scrimmage marker, offensive players can select a play from one of three playbooks: Rookie, Power Run, or Shotgun. They can choose to take a long shot down the field, run it through the heart of the defense, and more.

Once both the offense and defense select a card, they can place them face down on the game board. After a short countdown, kids can flip them over to reveal the outcome of the play. Depending on who outsmarted who, the offense may gain yards, lose yards, or roll distance die to determine the success of their play. It’s a game of chance where kids can feel the thrill of a catch or the pain of an interception at any given time.

When the game is on the line, Big Play cards can help get players the “W.” There are two Big Play cards per team, and they showcase the strengths of their respective squads. Kids can flip these bad boys over even after the playbook cards have been revealed, and they can shut down a big offensive play or overrule a defensive stop in times of desperation.

While NFL Showdown is a game of chance, there are strategic elements in play that encourage friendly competition. A great alternative to the real thing, NFL Showdown is the ideal gift for the football fan in your life.