Ever been to the beach just doing the sand castle thing when a flimsy shovel breaks? So annoying when trying to pretend you’re a sand architect.

Amloid is here to help with its line of NextWave Jumbo Beach Baskets for kids ages 2 and up. The cool, square design of the baskets make them easier for kids to hold. Each basket even comes with a strap kids can use to carry their sand tools over their shoulder. Kids have three designs to choose from— a blue shark, a purple whale, and a pink flamingo. Each basket comes with 15 pieces that range from buckets, castle sculptors, a sand wheel, a plethora of shovels, and some fun, sea creature sculptors (I’m obsessed with the blue narwhal sand mold in the shark basket).

The products are made of a thick, durable plastic that will amplify longevity—most products at this price point suffer in quality when there are so many components for a low price (I paid $10 in Ocean City for a bucket and a flimsy shovel when I was sculpting Princess Leia for a scavenger hunt). This set will keep kids occupied for hours as they develop building, logic, and creative skills. Sand castle building is a fun, outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and with the many components in this basket, there’s room for everyone to join in.

And now, the key Mom selling point: The basket is full of holes, meaning when the fun in the sun comes to an end, the sand will stay at the beach and not in your car. This fun-filled basket is available in-store only at Sam’s Club.