There’s something new that’s creeping into the R/C aisle, and it’s spinning its web wheels just in time for the holiday season!

New Bright — the company known for hot radio-controlled vehicles based on real-life rides such as the sleek Chevrolet Corvette C8 and the mighty Ford Bronco —just rolled out something totally different: the R/C Jumping Spider.

This two-wheeled terror is ready to rock the neighborhood where kids can pull off sick tricks that can put on quite a show for their friends. True to its name, the Jumping Spider can go airborne, jumping up to 2 feet high! It also flips, spins, and can cruise a variety of terrain using the full-function controller.

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Kids can activate glowing LED eyes using a special button on the remote. Look just below the eyes and you’ll spot a pair of sinister fangs that add to the Jumping Spider’s “face.” If this had existed when I was a kid, it totally would’ve been accompanied by one of those fast-talking commercials that ended with “batteries not included,” but this is 2020, and batteries are included!

Powered by an onboard, 6.4-volt, rechargeable lithium battery, the Jumping Spider can run for hours before needing a recharge using the included USB charging cable. It’s ready to  run right out of the box and even includes a pair of AA batteries for the remote.

If you’re looking for an R/C vehicle that’s a break from the norm, this wheel-driven arachnid just may fit the bill, and it won’t even give you the creeps when it makes the leap in your general direction.