Toy Reviews Back in the day, along with the popular and exquisite Gameboy and Nerf blasters, not many toy fans thought Bop it! could get any better. When I was a kid, I played Bop it! and had tons of fun challenging myself with the original three commands: bop it, pull it, push it. But, lo and behold, it got better. Hasbro’s latest Bop it! has upgraded with a new, exciting twist (pun intended). Now, kids can have more than four times as much fun with 10 brand new commands (in addition to the OG three).

It may take some getting used to and be a little frustrating at first because there are so many commands to remember, but after a few tries everything starts coming together. Designed with millenials in mind, this new Bop it! features commands kids will definitely be familiar with, such as “selfie it,” “sing it,” and “whip it,” But some things remain the same. For example, the game’s snarky, all-knowing voice is ready with some less-than supportive outcries whenever players lose. Game over, dude.

This new Bop it! features three game modes, all of which can be played in single or multiplayer mode, and scrolled through by “pulling it.” The Action mode features all the commands in the game. Players race to respond as quickly as possible to whatever command the game shouts out. If it commands you to “selfie it,” then you must use the Bop it! as a prop and act as if you are taking a selfie, etc. Players can also play this mode with multiple players in Action Pass It mode.

The game lets players know the high score every time they begin a new game. This feature is one of the most exciting things about the game for competitive players, letting them play again and again until they beat that high score.

The Classic Game mode only uses the three commands from the original game, so if you’re not interested in all of the crazy new action, you can still enjoy Bop it! with the classic bop it, twist it, and pull it commands.

Ditching word commands in exchange for sound effect commands, the Beat Bop game changes everything. It uses three sounds: a bass drum, a low-pitched ratchet, and a whistle. When the bass drum is heard, players Bop it!; when the low-pitched ratchet is heard, Twist it!; and for the whistle, Pull it!

Bop it! can be played in a group or solo, which is great for times when kids are looking to pass some time alone. But when siblings, friends, or other family members are around, the Pass It Games are perfect. In these multiplayer modes, kids stand in a circle and continuously pass the game over to the left each time a command is executed properly. If a player who holds it loses, he or she is out of the game! All game modes are available in the multiplayer Pass It mode.

Hasbro‘s latest Bop it! game provides a great way to keep kids active, and get their energy flowing. Pretending to take selfies, cradling a “baby,” and singing make it an interesting and clever new game. Whether you are best at twist it, bop it, or pull it, one thing is for sure:

You’ll definitely love it!