Parents watching their babies grow up often feel like there’s some sort of magic behind the rapid growth of their infant. Well, they’re not wrong. A new Netflix series focuses on the science involved in all of the magical moments of the first year of life.

Babies — produced by Nutopia — is a docuseries focusing on the lives of several new parents from the day their little ones are born until they are 1 year old. More than 30 scientists study each of the 15 babies’ accomplishments in order to explain why they grow as they do.

Watch the trailer above for evidence that the series is, in fact, adorable in every way, and to get answers to a lot of questions we might not always think of when gazing at cute, tiny humans. Parents will understand their kids a little bit more with topics such as sleep patterns and the biological mystery behind love.

The first six episodes of Babies premiere on Netflix on Feb. 21, with another six set to be released later.