I’m going to be completely honest with you: There’s no way of knowing when a zombie apocalypse will strike. Sorry to ruin your Monday, but it’s the truth. You just always have to be prepared. Thankfully, Hasbro is here to give us the power to stand up and fight back with its Nerf Zombie Strike blaster line.

The Nerf Zombie Strike line features a whole assortment of blasters that us humans can use to defend ourselves against the zombies; one of the newest being the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster. This blaster lets kids unleash a powerful zombie-blasting defense with two flipping drums that each hold six Zombie Strike darts. Yep, that’s right—that means you can fire up to 12 darts at oncoming zombie attackers without reloading.

Nerf’s whole line of Zombie Strike blasters put kids in the middle of a fun zombie battle, making them fully prepared to take on any zombie danger. With the huge, sweeping, cult-like popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, zombies are still very “on trend” right now, and this Nerf line from Hasbro lets kids get in on the zombie-blasting fun with a name that we all know and trust.

This FlipFury blaster is no different. Not only can you shoot 12 darts without reloading, but the flipping drums give this blaster extra appeal, bringing something new to the zombie-blasting world of Nerf. I will admit that the extra flipping drum makes the blaster a tiny bit heavier than other guns in the line, but really, it’s worth it in a Nerf battle to have that extra ammo. The other great part about the Nerf Zombie Strike line is the unique look of all of the blasters, which add extra fun to the zombie role play.

So although you may not know how or why or when a zombie apocalypse is going to strike, kids ages 8 and up can always be prepared for the battle. And maybe you should keep one by your desk too, like I do—you know, just for good measure.