Spring has sprung, which means GIVE ME ALL THE NEW NERF BLASTERS PLS AND THX.

Nerf’s Mega line is always exciting because it features larger-than-usual—or, as some might say, mega—darts. Sure, it’s cool to see motorized Nerf blasters that fire off more darts than you can count in the blink of and eye, but please, dear Nerf lover, never underestimate the power the pump-powered blasters.

The new Nerf Mega DoubleBreach packs some serious power. Kids can open the breach door and load the darts in. Once loaded, kids can unleash the fury of the darts up to 90 feet. The darts are Mega whistler darts, so as they soar through the air, it makes a fun whistling sound that gives it even more umph.

Think about it: The automatic blasters fire more darts than these smaller hand-powered versions, but if you’re talking logistics, these have serious advantages to them. You’re running from your opponent at full speed. Would you rather be carrying this lighter, more compact version of serious Nerf power, or a bulkier blaster? Yeah, mark that in the pro list. Look, I’m not saying one is definitively better than the other, I’m just saying don’t limit yourself. (I understand a constant plea of mine is to give the smaller blasters a chance, but come on, give the smaller blasters their due!) Plus, this blaster comes at a nice, affordable price point, allowing you to equip the whole family, or even buy it as a gift for a kid (or adult, really) you don’t know too much about.

The DoubleBreach has two barrels, although it shoots one dart at a time, so the next dart is ready for action when you are.With no batteries required, this blaster is pure active play that will get your kids up, moving, and—best of all—outside. Nothing says “summertime” like too much time off from school and a boatload of cabin fever—and Nerf blasters keep kids busy for hours, out of your hair, and (by the end) tuckered out.

It’s not quite summer until I get my hands on a Nerf blaster I love, and as far as I’m concerned the Nerf Mega DoubleBreach is the real deal.