Outdoor Toy Reviews

Circa 2000, a man by the name of Roger Adams had enough genius to throw a wheel inside the bottom of a shoe. As a youngster, I was understandably hyped, and I loved cruising across the slick vinyl tile that covered the halls of my school. Since that time, Heelys have lost their steam, but now, YVolution is enhancing average footwear in a new way.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up to 132 pounds, Neon Street Rollers are wheel sets that kids can strap onto their standard sneaks to give them a rolling upgrade. Kids can choose from blue, green, or pink styles. They’re sort of like a Heelys/rollerblade hybrid, except with two wheels that rest on the left and right side of the rider’s shoe, instead of one wheel on the bottom of the heel. Included in the box are two Neon Street Rollers (one for each foot), two hex keys, and an instruction booklet that teaches kids how to adjust the rollers to fit their foot size and how to glide.

Once kids get their rollers out of the box, they’re pretty much ready to ride. The only thing kids will have to do is use the quick lock system to adjust the width of the base so that their foot fits snugly into the Neon Street Rollers. By holding down a button on the front of each Street Roller, kids can increase or decrease the distance between the rollers’ plastic sidewalls for a custom fit. I would suggest that riders open the space all the way to start, and then tighten as necessary once their foot is resting on the base. Next, riders can tighten the strap that rests across the top of their sneaker for added security. There’s even a long rubber tongue and built-in LED lights (no batteries required) inside the wheels that offer some fun flair.

After strapping my feet into the Neon Street Rollers, I couldn’t help but notice how snug they felt. Never once during my sliding and gliding adventures did I think they weren’t secure—even on my big feet. I’ll admit I lost some of my touch from my earlier days, but part of the fun is learning how to ride again, right? After five minutes or so of wobbling around like a newborn deer, I was able to glide for a decent distance before losing my balance and having to start over. I do wish the wheels were bigger, which would add space between the ground and the rollers’ base and widen the margin of error when it comes to keeping my heels and toes off the floor during a glide, but kids won’t likely have this problem.

Overall, YVolution’s Neon Street Rollers offer a quick and easy way to travel in style. They’re compact, too, so kids can throw them in their backpacks and strap them on whenever slick vinyl floors appear beneath their feet. Perfect for getting kids up and active, these new sets of wheels will light up fun this summer.