neon ghost yvolutionThere are a lot of scooters on the streets, but this Yvolution Neon Ghost Scooter will brighten your day.

No really: It lights up!

The Yvolution Neon Ghost Scooter features controllable RGB lighting wheels and a motion-powered reflective deck — aka no batteries needed! You press the button to turn on the light features, and press again (and again) to scroll through 10 really rad colors, including lime green, teal, purple, and more.

Can’t decide your color karma for the day? Choose from strobe and pulse options to experience all of the colors the scooter has to offer. Overall, the LED colors are a great safety feature for visibility in low-light conditions. The scooter’s transparent core catches the light and throws it on the ground as you roll. 

The scooter scores high in the ease-of-carry category. Whether it’s being used for a school run or weekend fun, its lightweight aluminum frame will come in handy for parents who find themselves having to lug the scooter around after playtime. Younger riders will find it easier to carry it, too.

The adjustable handlebar, with rubber grips and rear-wheel brake for extra stopping power, makes it easy for kids ages 5 years and up to use. Aside from age, the scooter can support up to 154 pounds. It also comes in a couple of base colors: gray, blue, and green kick off the color palette!

As an aside, this Yvolution Neon Ghost scooter is a two-wheel scooter, which is a great option for parents who want to get their kids ready for bikes without training wheels. Two-wheel scooters teach younger or challenged riders how to balance using a lower center of gravity. As children learn, they are motivated by the fun lights.

The only remaining question is: What color should the scooter be today?