Budding astronauts can take their imaginations to a whole new world with the National Geographic Space Building Set, from Laser Pegs. Made for kids ages 5 and up, this construction kit lets kids become mini space explorers by building up to 24 different models.

The kit comes with 36 Laser Pegs, 125 tinted construction pieces, and a triangle power base. For Laser Pegs newbies, the Laser Pegs pieces are the ones that actually light up, while the tinted construction pieces are the ones that are transparent and let the multi-colored lights shine through them, and the triangular power base attaches to your build up to provide an awesome power source for all those lights.

If you’re sitting there wondering how it’s possible for there to be 24 awesome designs from just over 100 pieces, then I’m here to tell you that the magic of Laser Pegs makes it possible. There are enough plastic, durable pieces for kids to build all kind of awesome designs, from a Mars Voyager to a Hover Vehicle, an Alien Stunt Fighter to a Star Cruiser, and more. Kids can also whip up their own out-of-this-world designs with their imaginations.

One of the best parts of this kit—and all Laser Pegs kits—is that it is compatible with all other major construction sets, so kids can have a blast (pun intended) building and adding on to their collections. Best of all, their very own constructions can be used as a night light when bedtime rolls around.

Not only is this set just an awesome construction kit, but it also introduces kids to concepts that they wouldn’t even think about while playing with a toy. Kids will get excited about space and will want to build all sorts of intergalactic ships, rockets, and even characters! Kids won’t want to stop building, so additional instructions for builds are available to download on Laser Pegs’ website.