Source: Blue Marble/the Toy Insider

Blue Marble is swapping the M in “STEM” for something new — magic!

Kids can learn how science can be magical with the National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit. This science kit gets an added twist as it combines chemistry experiments with magic tricks. Whether your kids are already science enthusiasts — or your looking for a kit that strays from the norm to spark kids’ interest — this kit is a way to not only teach kids basic science concepts, but to also give them the added fun of being able to put on a magic show. There are enough materials included for them to practice once or twice before they do a full performance.

In this kit that includes all the tools kids need to perform 15 science experiments, plus white gloves and a magic wand to show off your tricks, kids will not only learn the magic tricks, but why they happen. (Talk about stealthy STEM, huh?) Plus once they get the hang of it, they can put on a magic show, or expand their own creative thinking by doing more experiments based on the science concepts they’ve learned.

Blue Marble’s National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit contents | Source: Blue Marble

The set comes with a full-color guide that features the 15 science experiments that double as magic tricks. The guide breaks down how the tricks may seem like something out of a Harry Potter movie, but truly, there is science behind it all. As kids learn these new tricks and conduct the experiments, they engage in how-it-works learning, sparking their curiosity and broadening their scientific knowledge. Once they work their way through the 15 experiments, there is also a bonus guide that has 10 additional experiments that kids can do with household items, so no need to buy anything additional to keep the magic going.

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This kit adds a different level to a traditional science kit. By adding the element of magic — and the fun props like the magic wand — give a fun twist to these chemistry experiments. If your kid is an aspiring scientist already, this is a fun way to shake up the play pattern from other kits already on their shelves. It also makes the kit a little less intimidating for kids that are not so scientifically inclined. All of this fun is packed into a magical price point of $19.99, which makes it a great value for parents, too.

If you’re looking for a way to keep kids busy at home while learning offline, then abracadabra! The National Geographic Science Magic Activity Kit is the perfect mix of learning and fun!