Crayola’s Create it Yourself (CIY) team put together four fun activities to help families create masterpieces together. Watch the video below to see how to make melted crayon butterflies, a crayon art T-shirt, a crayon letter, and Crayon Melter canvas art.

Melted Crayon Butterflies
For the crayon butterflies craft, kids fold a piece of paper in half and draw the outlines of one side of the butterfly along the crease. With parents’ help, kids cut out the butterfly, put crayon shavings inside of it, and fold it in half. Then, parents put parchment paper over the folded butterfly and iron for one minute. After 15 minutes of cooling, there’s a colorful butterfly ready to travel the world (or decorate the fridge).

Crayon Art T-shirt
Kids can design their very own T-shirt by drawing with a crayon on sandpaper. Parents iron over the sandpaper on top of the tee, and then kids can decorate it even more with fabric markers.

Crayon Letter
Parents trim a big letter from a sheet of cardstock for the crayon letter craft. Then, kids glue their crayons to the paper in whatever pattern they choose. After that, parents cut any crayons that are hanging over the edge of the paper. Now, it’s a cool decoration ready to hang on the wall with a string.

Crayon Melter Canvas Art
Finally, kids can grab their Crayon Melter and a canvas. They sketch any design they can imagine with a pencil and then go over it with a permanent marker. When kids finish their design, they can use the Crayon Melter to fill in the empty spaces of the canvas with colorful dots.

Parents will need to help out with all of these craft projects, so it’s a great way to spend time together as a family. Check out the written instructions for each project on Crayola’s website.