Representation matters, especially in toys.

Mysticons Basic Action Figures, from Playmates Toys, join the likes of IAmElemental with strong, independent, and realistic-looking characters for kids. It’s not about girls wanting to play with traditionally “boy” toys. It’s about all kids playing with all types of tenacious characters, where everyone has an opportunity to save the day.

These 7-inch figures are highly detailed, and are based off the Nickelodeon show Mysticons. In the show, four girls are chosen to be legendary warriors in a kingdom called Gemina, filled with fairies, dwarves, and griffins. Together, this #girlsquad has to find its full strength necessary undertake a mythic quest to save the world.

Also: The theme song is empowering AF. Here is the link to the sing along version. (You’re welcome). If there ever needs to be a fifth Mysticon, someone let Playmates Toys know that I am fully available to play the part.

Each figure comes with accessories, including their weapons from the show, arm bracers, and pets. They also have 10 points of articulation, so kids can set them up in really cool poses as they go on all types of adventures. (Even their wrists move, for weapon-placing perfection!)

Arkayna, the Mysticon Dragon Mage, comes with her powerful Dragon Staff, dragon arm bracer, and a baby dragon. She is literally exactly what I imagine a warrior princess to look like. Zarya is the ranger, who comes with her magical bow and arrow, wolf bracer, and her pet fox, Choko. The bow and arrow is weapon is awesome because it is actually two separate pieces, adding some more imaginative play value.

Piper, the Mysticon striker, comes with energy hoop, a phoenix arm bracer, and a little plushie. I’m impressed with the way Playmates Toys pulled off the outfit, since she has cape-like ribbons twisting and twirling around her. Emerald sports a FIERCE side shave and comes with her unicorn arm bracer and a baby griffin.

Each set also comes with a Topps Mysticons trading card, with a code to unlock quests in the Secrets of Gemina app. The app allows players to guide the Mysticons through a mesmerizing and engaging fantasy world as they take on their heroic quest to defeat evil and protect the realm. The app features a parallel storyline to the events in season one of the show, and lets players level up characters, explore locations from the series, and win battles to collect loot. If you need me, you’ll know where to find me.

Make ’em run, make ’em hide, make the city come alive with these Mysticons action figures!