Now the magic of Quidditch never has to end.

Any true Harry Potter fan knows that the beloved game only ends once the Snitch is caught, but with Wow! Stuff’s Mystery Flying Snitch, kids have all the power to keep the game alive. Kids can connect with — and flaunt — their inner Seeker as they try to “catch” the Snitch as it magically flies around them. Plus, it’s educational, too.

mystery golden snitchSo, how does it work? The Mystery Flying Snitch is suspended by a high tensile thread made of Aramid, a type of synthetic polymer. The thread is comparable to the thickness of steel, but it’s twice as strong! From 6 feet away, the thread is virtually invisible, and depending on the lighting, it can be undetectable as close as an arm’s length away. This thread is the magic behind the Mystery Flying Snitch — literally. It allows kids to recreate the fantastic scenes they’ve grown to love from the films. The thread has a bit of strong putty on either end.

Kids thread the fiber through a little slot in the top of the Snitch. It’s best to do this part in a well-lit area, and parents may have to lend a steady hand. That same invisibility that makes the Snitch mysterious can also make it a little difficult to get started. Once the thread is woven through the slot in the top of the Snitch, kids press the putty down to secure it. They can attach the other putty end somewhere fun and hard to see, such as behind an ear, under a shirt collar, or just the underside of their hand.

mystery golden snitch

Next, kids just switch on the Snitch and watch the looks on their friends’ and family’s faces as they try to catch the elusive Snitch, weaving the hard-to-see thread around their fingers as the Snitch appears to fly around in mid-air. It will take some practice to perfect this magic trick, but it’s well worth the effort.

The Mystery Flying Snitch promotes motor skills through its detailed, active play, improving hand-eye coordination, balance and dexterity, and physical awareness. It also helps foster technological and electronic skills.

When they’re not playing, kids can display the Mystery Flying Snitch on the plinth included, or use it for cosplay.