Mirarr's myPhone

myPhone, from Patch Products, is a play phone modeled after Apple’s iPhone for kids ages 6 months and up. I think it’s cool that Patch made the myPhone’s dimensions almost the same as the new iPhone 6 (height and width—the myPhone is thicker than a real smartphone), keeping it even more in line with parents’ own devices so kids can feel like they have one, too. The touchscreen features a dozen cute icons styled like apps, and each one plays a tune or a sound effect. My favorite one is the ABC app, which sings the entire alphabet to help kids learn the song—and their ABCs. When kids press the blue “home” button, the phone sounds like it’s dialing a number, and arrives at one of the apps at random and plays its tune or effect.

The coolest (and most fun, I think!) part of the myPhone is the remote control. Shaped like a cute blue heart, it’s got a loop on top so parents can attach it to a keychain. When the phone is in Mode 2, parents can push the button on the remote to make the phone ring, just like a real phone! Kids can push an app to answer the phone. How cool is that? Kids will think they’re getting their very own phone call on their own smart device. So cute!

The other awesome feature on the myPhone is parents’ ability to record a personal message up to 10 seconds long. The message can be changed as often as you want, and when parents press the remote, the phone will play their personal message after a few rings. This is a really fun feature, and switching the message often will keep kids surprised and excited to get their phone calls.