Goal: $25,000
Funding Period: Until Sept. 25
Creator: MyFamilyBuilders

c3b0efeef0db1f4ea11c2dfda3e9bcb3_originalToy inventor Ez Karpf noticed that most toy shelves were filled with products that depicted one type of family: one dad, one mom, one boy, and one girl, all from the same race. The rows and rows of toys also lacked representation of families with two dads, two moms, and blended families. He, along with the team at MyFamilyBuilders, want to make a change to remove these limitations for kids, which alters their perceptions of what a family should look like, to embrace family diversity through play.

MyFamilyBuilders empower kids to freely imagine and come up with different combinations so they can build all types of characters and families. Each set comes with 48 magnetic wooden pieces that snap together for kids to discover family diversity. It also comes with 25 cards to play five educational games with the wooden pieces. Kids can create more than 2,000 possible combinations with the magnetic pieces.

Kickstarter donations range from $2 to $650 and prizes include refrigerator magnets, MyFamilyBuilders toy sets, school bundles, the opportunity to donate a set to Our Family Coalition, and more.

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