FurReal Friends Get Up & Go Go, My Walking PupThere are few things that I find as lovable or cuter than my sister’s dog, Rocky. So when I saw the Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup, from Hasbro, roughly the same size as little Rocky, I had to claim her for review. The pet dog, part of the FurReal Friends line of toy pets, is soft, furry, and isn’t afraid to show off her sassy personality with sweet ruffs, barks, and other puppy sounds.

For kids ages 4 and up, My Walkin’ Pup responds to a variety of commands and prompts. She reacts to your voice or even a clap, wags her tail when she walks, tilts her head, and comes to you when you call her. One of the cutest parts is that she sits when you pet her! You can also walk the pet by holding down the button on her leash attached to her. Everyone—I mean everyone—let at an “Aww!” as I was walking her through the office.

For a whole new way to play, kids can download the FurReal Friends app for iOS and Android Devices. My Walkin’ Pup is compatible with this app, which allows kids to virtually care for their pet. The animated version of My Walkin’ Pup is in FurReal Friends Park with other pet friends. As she walks through the park, kids can unlock different activities, and the toy will even respond to what kids do on screen with movement and happy barks. Kids could even feed her and give her a bath and the plush responds!

You can also play the games on the app without the plush, which gives it a lot of added value. The games in the app are Scrub ‘n’ Style to pamper your pet in Daisy’s spa; Hide ‘n’ Seek, Butterscotch’s memory matching game; Makeover, which lets you take a photo of your pet and customize her with accessories; Fetch ‘n’ Surprise with Biscuit to exercise your pet; Yummy Meal Maker to create a meal with Pom Pom; and the FurReal Friends Band, which the friends sing along to songs in Trixie’s pop group.

The little pup can also talk with her other FurReal Friends pets, Pom Pom the monkey and My Baby Panda. She will bark to say hello and the other friends will respond in their own languages. Take this puppy for a walk and I’m sure you’ll be as googly eyed as I was!

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