My Squishy Little Peace the Peach | Source: WowWee

My Squishy Littles have a lot of personality packed into their tiny bodies, and now, even more squishy goodness is joining the squad! WowWee is releasing two new My Squishy Littles characters for double the fun and double the squishiness!

Peace the Peach is a new Target-exclusive addition to the My Squishy Littles collection. Peace makes more than 50 reactions when kids dress her up, tickle her, shake her, and toss her, including lighting up and making sounds. Kids can ​​squeeze Peace’s cheeks to watch her body pop out and Peace will let kids know how she is feeling based on the light on top of her head coming from her leaf stem. She features a pink outfit with a purple peace sign on it and stylish, peace sign-shaped glasses to bring good vibes to any situation.

My Squishy Littles Mel the Marshmallow | Source: WowWee

Mel the Marshmallow is an Amazon-exclusive addition to the My Squishy Littles collection. He comes with a pair of rockstar sunglasses and headphones wide enough to fit over his squishy head. Kids can squash Mel’s cheeks to make his body pop out from his marshmallow head. Mel responds in the Squishy Little language with his own catchphrases and lights up depending on his mood. Like Peace the Peach, kids can dress Mel up, tickle him, shake him, and toss him to create more than 50 reactions.

Mel the Marshmallow is available exclusively on Amazon for $14.99, Peace the Peach is available for purchase exclusively from Target for $14.99, and both are recommended for kids ages 5 and up.

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Peace the Peach and Mel the Marshmallow are also making their musical debut in the Squishy Little Dumplings band. The band premiered their first music video on Aug. 13 — also known as Dumpling Day — with squish friends ​​Doe, Dip, Dee, and Dot. Their new song features Peace the Peach, Mel the Marshmallow, Coco the Cotton Candy Cloud, and Dart the Golden Dumpling, alongside the three original squishy band members. The new Squishy Little Dumplings single “Not Another Pop Song!” is a fun dance track to party and groove to with your own little squishy.

Watch the video below!