My Squishy Little Dumplings as the S-Pop band “The Squish” | Source: WowWee/Nickelodeon

Move over, BTS.

You’ve heard of K-pop, but get ready for S-pop! WowWee — the company behind Fingerlings and the new Got2Glow Fairy Finder — teamed up with Nickelodeon Digital Studios to create a series of original videos that present My Squishy Little Dumplings characters as an S-pop (that’s “Squish Pop”) band called The Squish. Check out their debut single, “Can You Resist the Squish?!” below!

The My Squishy Little Dumplings crew — Doe, Dip, Dee, and Dot — are setting their sights on music stardom as the song rolls out to all major digital streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and more.

In the weeks and months ahead, WowWee and Nickelodeon will release additional content, including music videos, behind-the-scenes “backstage” videos, and a House Party Tour series in which The Squish hit the road for stops at unique venues around the house.

You might not be ready for The Squish, but your kids are gonna love it!