Source: Big Blue Bubble/the Toy Insider

It’s time for a “tune-up” on your tabletop games — literally!

Make your next family game night a musical mania fest with Big Blue Bubble‘s My Singing Monsters: The Board Game. Kids ages 8 and up can breed and collect more than 50 quirky, harmonizing monsters by competing across five different islands.

Currently in a Kickstarter phase, this worker-placement and strategy-style game will allow kids to breed new monsters and collect elements throughout play. These elements are used to build songs on each player’s respective music sheets. Once the songs are completed, players can trade them in for gold coins that help move each player further on the scoreboard. The player that collects the most gold coins wins!

The five islands are depicted in five different scoreboards, each with different levels of difficulty, so the monster mashing doesn’t go stale. Each island also has its own unique gameplay components that correspond to features on the island, from pop-up trees and diamonds to cupcakes. Players can choose between two versions of the game: a standard edition that includes all core components and a deluxe edition that features nine fully-painted monster mini-figures, upgraded components, and a Kickstarter-exclusive expansion starring the “Werdos.”

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The standard edition includes 155 cardboard tokens, 130 monster cards, 48 music cards, 35 decoration cards, five wooden player score markers, five-element boards, five mini-mine boards, five island boards, a wubbox card, and a goal score tracker. The deluxe edition includes all standard edition components, in addition to 100 acrylic element tokens, five painted monster mini-figures, and a wubbox standee. The Kickstarter-exclusive “Werdos” expansion features 32 Werdo cards, 20 Werdo tokens, and four painted Werdo mini-figures.

My Singing Monsters: The Board Game launched a Kickstarter on June 1 and is yet to be released. The standard edition and deluxe editions are priced at $33 and $62, respectively. To follow updates about the game and to support its Kickstarter campaign, click here.