My Plush Hess Truck 2021 Cement Mixer : Source: Hess Corp.

The Hess Corp. is ready to welcome a new generation of fans with the My First Plush Hess Truck 2021 Cement Mixer.

Decked out in Hess’s iconic green and white color scheme, the Cement Mixer is the second release in an infant and toddler line that launched last year as My First Hess Truck. The annual plush releases join the Hess Toy Truck tradition which includes the Holiday Hess Toy Trucks — released every fall since 1964 — and the annual summer Mini Collections.

This year’s Cement Mixer is a soft, plush vehicle that includes a total of 10, built-in LED lights and plays two songs: “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and “The Alphabet Song.” Kids can press the hood to activate music and flashing lights or squeeze the top light bar to activate a night light mode with a 15-minute shut-off timer. The Cement Mixer also has a mute mode and includes three AAA Energizer batteries that are pre-installed in a baby-safe enclosure.

My Plush Hess Toy Truck 2021 – Nightlight Mode | Source: Hess Corp.

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This year’s My First Plush Hess Truck is available for $29.99, exclusively through the Hess Toy Truck website while supplies last.

Hess Toy Trucks are released in limited quantities and have a strong collector base that fuels a robust secondary market. Last year’s Holiday Truck was one of the quickest offerings to sell out in recent years and resellers are still flipping them for up to five times their original cost. Bottom line: if you have a little one that you’d like to get one for, definitely buy it right away!