mypetbookAll I ever wanted was a pet. That’s not too much to ask for, right?

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have a furry friend in my house because of my allergy-stricken mother, so I went through countless beta fish and hermit crabs in attempt to fulfill my pet-owner wishes. But I never thought of owning a pet book (giggles)—they seemed so boring.

In Smartytown, one brave boy made this quirky trend the new norm. My Pet Book, from Random House Children’s Books, is a short, but captivating read for children. With its intricate rhymes and colorful pages, the book holds kids’ attention, and author Bob Staake knows exactly how to charm the mind of young readers and listeners.

Its oversized structure and easy-to-turn pages make this book a great bedtime read. This book is not too long, so it won’t draw out your normal bedtime routine, but it is not too short either, making it the perfect attention-grabber for your little one. The illustrations are bright and the story is creative, inspiring young readers to love books.

You never know, My Pet Book may wind up being your own child’s special friend. After all, a good book is a man’s (or youngster’s) best friend!