Catch My Little Pony: Make Your Mark on Netflix starting on Sept. 26. | Source: Hasbro

Welcome back to Equestria, My Little Pony fans. 

Netflix released a new trailer for chapter two of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark that features new, exciting storylines following the first chapter’s release in May. 

Now that all of the ponies have powers of their own, even the Earth Ponies, Equestria is a new place. All of the ponies, particularly Sunny Starscout, a former Earth Pony who is now an Alicorn, are adjusting to life with magic. Throughout the new installment, the Mane 5 — Starscout, Izzy Moonbow, Hitch Trailblazer, Pipp Petals, and Zipp Storm — will explore the nature of these new powers and what they could mean. 

The show will center around the Mane 5 as they help each other solve magical mysteries, juggle relationships with family and friends, and learn about each species and their cultures and customs. Make Your Mark will explore each character’s background in-depth, from their hobbies to their family, to find out what makes them sparkle. 

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My Little Pony: Make Your Mark chapter two comes out on Netflix on Sept. 26.