Creativity is contagious, gnomesaying?

My Gnome on the Roam is a new family adventure kit that inspires and encourages parents and their kids ages 3 to 10 to build memories together through creative endeavors. The cardboard suitcase includes one blank gnome, one wooden pen, an adventure journal, and a book that tells the tale of Gustav the gnome. The people over at My Gnome on the Roam have one mission: to inspire busy families to connect, create, and explore. I’m all for that, and so I’m a fan from the start.

The rules are simp— wait, no. There are no rules, and that’s the best part. Using the adventure kit is completely up to kids and parents. There’s no right or wrong, and there’s no dos and don’ts. There is however, an adventure guide that offers tools and tips for getting started.The first part of the kit I explored was the book. Complete with a hardcover, the pages describe (in detail) the life of Gustav, a garden gnome just looking to experience the world beyond the picket fence that surrounds his yard. Beside each page of copy is a black and white illustration that kids can color with their parents. And when they’re done, they can print their own coloring pages here and begin their very own stories.

Next up is the suave Gustav himself. The tiny lawn ornament comes out of the box pale white, like a canvas without color or my face upon seeing a commercial for a horror film. It’s up to kids and their parents to bring Gustav to life, whether that be with markers, crayons, paint, or anything else. Again, there are no rules.

Once young ones have splashed their gnome with color, they can take a picture of him and register him on the site. Then, they can share their creation with the world and meet other gnomes designed by creative kids just like them.

Last but not least comes the adventure journal. Filled with blank pages anxious for ink, the journal is the place where kids’ stories come to life. Each page of the journal leaves space for pictures and writing, making it easy for kids and parents to add visuals to their words. The included wood pen makes it especially fun to write.And finally, with the Time to Roam: 15 Minute Adventure for Busy Families app (available on the App Store and Play Store), parents and kids can take advantage of daily adventure ideas that spark imagination and get the creative juices flowing. Whether it’s Make it Monday, Tell Me Tuesday, or Saturdazzleday, there’s always a unique kick-start available. The site also has a Kids Corner that provides additional worksheets and downloads.

My Gnome on the Roam—an out-of-the-box idea—inspires parents to embark on 15-minute adventures with their kids through creative tools and limited instruction.