Whether they want to line their wrists and arms with colors or make a personalized gift for their friends, kids can now make an endless variety of colorful threaded bracelets from the comfort of their own home.

With My Friendship Bracelet Maker from Choose Friendship, kids can make and customize their own friendship bracelets to wear and share.

The bracelet maker comes with 56 pre-cut threads in 14 different colors, including vibrant shades of red, blue, purple, and green. Refill packages are also available online.

Kids can choose up to five colors can be used for each bracelet. The more colors kids include with their creations, the longer they take to complete and the more difficult they are to make. The butterfly clip at the center of the kit holds the threads in place while kids tie the knots to make each pattern. It can also be moved to adjust the length of each bracelet.

While the kit comes with instructions to make a basic straight-line pattern for the bracelets, what sets this product apart from other bracelet makers is the free Knot It app. With the help of the app, kids can weave peace signs, hearts, and other fun patterns into the bracelets to give them a more personal touch. More advanced patterns included mustaches, cat faces, and penguins. Each customized gift can be geared specially toward a specific person so each friend has a bracelet catered to his or her own personality.

The Knot It app walks kids through how to make each pattern with step-by-step video tutorials. The videos are easy to follow and even easier to set up—once the app is open and ready, a special stand props the phone up so kids can watch the video hands-free while they weave the threads together.

Although the kit is for ages 8 and up, kids might have to practice a bit before they get the hang of the different types of knots. Some of the patterns are more difficult to make than others, and even the simpler ones might take more than one try to get them right. While the videos are helpful, it’s always better to have a parent on hand in case kids get all tangled up.

My Friendship Bracelet Maker is especially good for an indoor arts and crafts day. Since the bracelets take around 20 minutes to complete, kids can devote hours at a time to making the perfect bracelets for their friends.

Whether your kids’ friends want “Bieber” spelled out around their wrists or miniature “best friend heart” patterns, they’re guaranteed a friendship bracelet that matches their unique personalities—and one they can carry with them for years.