Source: Flybar/the Toy Insider

Toddlers and young kids may not be ready to start hopping on a full-sized pogo stick, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get in on the bouncing fun!

Flybar’s My First Flybar is a kid-safe pogo stick toy designed for kids ages 3 and up, and it’s a great way to get kids moving, burning off energy, and practicing gross motor skills.

The first thing adults will notice (and love) about this toy is that it comes fully assembled. It features a foam block at the bottom, attached to a set of foam handlebars by a stretchy bungee cord. To bounce on My First Flybar, kids stand on the foam block, hold the handles, and jump! The elasticity of the cord will help them get a little bit higher off the ground than a normal bounce, but the foam core softens the blow and keeps kids from getting enough air for any major tumbles. The foam material also makes this pogo stick safe for use inside or outside — no marks on the hardwood floors! However, be sure to brush off any dirt or debris from outside before bringing the toy back inside.

Source: Flybar/the Toy Insider

As kids jump on My First Flybar, the toy will produce a squeaking noise if kids land hard enough on the foam base. This adds a fun element to play (kids can even count the squeaks as they bounce) but means that My First Flybar isn’t the best fit for quiet playtime. Younger kids may also struggle at first to stay on the foam block while bouncing, but the toy will help them develop those balance skills as they practice.

While My First Flybar is safe for kids as young as three, the toy is a great fit for a wide age range. In fact, it can support up to 250 pounds, which means teen siblings and parents can even give the bouncer a try!

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My First Flybar is also available in a variety of colors — including blue, pink, and red — and even some fun themes, such as unicorns, so the toy can really match kids’ personalities. When playtime is over, the bouncer also requires zero cleanup and takes almost no room to store, which makes it a great option for taking to the park, bringing to a friend’s house, or for families seeking active play with limited space inside.

Ready, set, let’s bounce!