Watch a magical world bloom—right before your eyes!

The My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise kit, from PlayMonster, comes with everything kids need to grow their own garden, such as soil, seeds, and tools. Kids can learn all about real life gardening with the four included garden tools, such as a shovel and a watering can.

The included magical seed mix will bloom into a mini garden of Crimson Clover Dixie, Purple Prairie Clover, Red Clover, White Dutch Clover, and Yellow Sweet Clover. Once all the flowers bloom, kids will have a colorful place for their new fairy friend to live.

The garden itself is easy for kids to set up, and the perfect introduction to gardening. They start by placing the compressed soil pucks into a bowl with a little water so that it softens, expands, and grows into usable soil. It takes about 30 minutes for it to go from compressed puck to planting soil.

But this isn’t just any magical garden—it’s also a functioning play set. While they wait for their soil to decompress, kids can assemble their garden play set by attaching the sparkly purple cave and bright yellow toadstool into the planter base. Then they can add the included rainbow sticker for magical touch!

Once the soil is ready, they can use the included toils to break it up and then scoop it into the planting areas around the bases of the toadstool and the cave, as well as in the planter pot in the top of the cave. Once the soil is distributed out, they can spread the seed mix throughout the garden, and use the tools to press them into the soil to grow. However, kids must be mindful here to make sure that the seeds are evenly spread out; if they are planted to close together, the plants will crowd each other out and not grow as well.

After everything is planted, kids can learn about proper garden care by checking the soil daily to make sure that it stays damp, and use the included watering can to make sure they don’t over water. Make sure that you place your Fairy Garden set somewhere that it is OK to get a bit wet, as during the watering process the set itself may leak a little water.

Kids will see the garden begin to sprout within the first week, and then eventually see the leaves popping through. In about six to 10 weeks, they’ll see their flowers start to fully bloom. Kids can also customize their garden with their own rocks, shells, twigs, etc., but should just be careful to not overcrowd the flowers while they grow.

As their garden blossoms into a magical play space, kids can play with the included Dahlia fairy and Celeste unicorn figures. Both have very detailed sculpting and Celeste even features a sparkly mane and tail for a magical touch. Kids can also attach Dahlia to the flying cord that connects to the toadstool to make it appear as if she is flying.

In addition to this being a fun activity and a play set, the Fairy Garden also comes with a booklet of instructions that provides insight on how gardens grow, and explains the process of photosynthesis step-by-step and with an illustrated diagram. So kids are even getting some STEM learning in there!

With the My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise kit, kids can discover a love of gardening, grow their own magical world, and have fun along the way.