MüshMeez plush toys combine the best of two worlds, offering kids tactile play and cute plush characters to snuggle.

MüshMeez, from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co., are available in multiple sizes for squishing, squeezing, and tactile fun — with all the fun of a squishy, cuddly, plush pet.

Just like Squeezamals, these cute animal plush characters are fun to squish and can hold their shape. But with MüshMeez, it’s all about the mush part. As you mush, squeeze, and smash, each plush squishy will stay molded to the shape you chose. Really, no matter which way kids ages 3 and up squish the fabric, it will hold its shape thanks to the moldable clay inside. Coupled with the clay, the soft, plush exterior provides an addicting tactile sensation kids won’t want to put down — trust me.

Shape the MüshMeez pals into anything from a plump, round sphere or a squared-off friend to a pushed-down friend. Or, creative souls can create a new, unique shape. Take a look in the video below!

MüshMeez are available in three sizes, including a clip-on keychain that hangs onto backpacks for on-the-go tactile play or plush companions in 6- and 12-inch options. (Seriously, whoever these plush pals end up with will want to take them everywhere.)

Each character comes in bright, fun colors and is available in an assortment of animal characters, including a unicorn, a pig, a dog, a llama, an owl, a narwhal, and more. There are more than 12 pals to collect.