MURO Encourages Development Through Play

Goal: £30,000 (US $38,373)
Funding Period:
Until May 15
Jeremy Bond

MURO allows kids to play and develop in their own unique ways. Designed similarly to an average busy board, MURO is fully customizable with a variety of removable toys. The board itself stands at about 2.5 feet tall and 1.3 feet wide and can be easily secured to any wall. MURO is designed as a way to help infants and young children develop coordination, problem solving, and motor skills.

The “Plug-and-Play” system lets kids easily remove and replace toys freely. So far, MURO has more than 30 unique toys compatible with its design, including chalkboards, door handles, and screws.

Kickstarter donations range from £5 (about US $6) to £650 (about US $812). Backers who donate £89 (about US $111) or more will automatically get a full MURO board, while differing donations yield different amounts of toys of the backer’s choice. Adding £40 (about US$51) to any larger donation allows backers to substitute their board reward for a MURO Cube, a portable, cube-shaped version of MURO with the same “Plug-and-Play” functionality.

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