Few things can make parents and kids alike laugh out loud like the Muppets.

Everyone’s favorite characters and their zany antics are about to come back just in time to make us forget about the last few months. Muppets Now will premiere on July 31, exclusively on Disney+.

Kermit and all of his lovable friends will star in the unscripted series, in which Scooter has to deliver a new Muppets series right now, but the occasional celebrity guest and not-so-rare obtrusive Muppet keep getting in his way. We’d love to tell you more, but Joe from Legal stopped Kermit from revealing too much in the trailer below.

The first of six episodes will be released on July 31 and an episode will premiere every Friday after that. Joe from Legal can’t stop us from knowing that it will be jam-packed with improv comedy, quirky Muppets, and, of course, some lifestyle tips from the one and only Miss Piggy.