Think you know who the biggest Disney fan in your family is? It’s time to test your skills!

Families face classic Disney villains and get help from the most magical icons in order to race to level 10 in The Op and Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin: Disney. The RPG adventure takes families on a hunt for treasure, where they’ll create allies and gather some gear.

There are 168 cards in the strategic game that could help or hinder players. Villains, including Jafar and Ursula, could cast kids back a level and spells, such as Forever Asleep and Poison could cause some damage. On the other side of the Disney castle’s rainbow, you could get some help from characters, such as Elsa and Maui, and uncover treasures. Some jams can be solved just like in the films: Players can sing or hum a familiar tune to save the day with the Disney Magic move.

Munchkins: Disney is made for 3-6 players ages 10 and up. While you don’t necessarily need to watch every possible princess movie before the game launches, this is the perfect excuse. The game drops in the fall so your whole family will have plenty of time to rememorize every line.