Life is not about pleasing others and it’s certainly not about playing the damsel in distress.

Hasbro is turning fashion dolls on their heads with a fiery lineup of warrior dolls based on Disney’s upcoming live-action Mulan. There are several variations of the doll, including a simple version at a lower price-point and more deluxe sets that feature multiple outfits and characters.

The Mulan Fashion Doll is the most basic version of the doll, which is incredibly detailed for it’s affordable $14.99 price. The doll features articulated shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and hips, which makes it awesome for imaginative play because kids can really move it around into different positions. Mulan includes pants, a top, stylish wedge boots, and removable skirt armor that’s made from a flexible, plastic material. The doll features long, black hair that kids can brush or style, adding to the play value.

The Mulan Two Reflections Set includes the same doll with additional outfits and accessories. Priced at $29.99, it offers even more detail, such as chest armor; a really cool armored helmet; a sword that Mulan can hold; and a second, kimono-style outfit. The articulation makes it easy for kids to change Mulan’s outfits and the extended wardrobe helps with role-play scenarios as kids transform her into a real warrior.

The most deluxe set is the Mulan and Xianniang Fashion Dolls Two-Pack, priced at $49.99. This set includes the same Mulan doll with all of the armor and accessories from the Reflections Set but without the kimono-style outfit, and a second doll based on a new character from the live-action film. In the movie  — which has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic — Mulan meets Xianniang, who has more in common with her than she realizes. I don’t know much about this character, but the doll looks like a bold warrior queen, wearing a crown that looks like it’s made from the bone of her enemies; face paint; flowing black locks that go down past her booty; thigh-high, bronze boots; a scalloped, silver chest plate; and epic, floor-length kimono sleeves. This doll alone makes me want to see the movie the second it comes out.

The dolls are suitable for kids ages 3 and up, and they would make a great collector’s item for adult Disney fans as well. Even though the different sets offer varying accessories, it’s only worth buying one since all the Mulan dolls are the same. I’d recommend springing for the two-pack if you can.

Mulan and Xianniang make a powerful duo that proves you don’t have to make a man out of anyone to be this fierce.