MoustacheSmashSmashing mustaches or moustaches doesn’t seem like a very practical thing—that is, until Spin Master decided to put moustaches on wands and slap on some suction cups thus creating a totally awesome ‘stache smashing game, which actually happens to be very, very practical and fun.

Moustache Smash puts a spin on the traditional card game by adding speed and a little bit of physical play. To begin every player chooses one unique moustache (there are six) and holds it up to his or her face for the whole game. Each moustache is a different shape and there are two moustaches in every color (yellow, black, or brown)—players will see why that’s important once the game begins.

The deck is full of cards with moustache pictures on them. Each picture will have a moustache shape that matches one of the six moustaches, and will be in a certain color (either yellow, black, or brown). To play, one player deals the top card and if the card matches any players’ ‘stache by shape or color, he or she can smash it fast and his or her moustache’s suction cup will pick up the card, thus scoring a point.

MoustacheSmash2While majority of the deck is full of moustache cards, there are also Moustache Pass and Moustache Smash cards. If a Moustache Pass card is dealt, all of the players pass their moustaches to the left of them, and if a Moustache Smash card is dealt, it’s fair game for any player to smash so players must be quick (and be paying attention)!

Smashing cards and earning points may seem easy enough, but it’s just as easy to lose points, too. If any player smashes the wrong card, he or she will have to pay a two-card penalty—making the game totally fair because there’s always at least one player who tries to smash every single card that’s dealt.

Designed for kids ages 7 and up, Moustache Smash is great for families and large groups. While the game can be played with two to six players, it’s definitely more exciting—and challenging—with more people. Overall, the game is easy to play and most importantly, it brings something different to the table and offers a lot of laughs along the way.