My First Thomas & Friends Motion Control Thomas, from Fisher-Price, puts the power in kids’ hands, giving them a simple way to control where Thomas goes. There’s no track—kids simply wave their hand or the included crossing sign over Thomas’ dome to make him move. Press Thomas’ dome to get him started, then motion your hand forward to send him forward, or swipe backwards to send him in reverse. In Thomas Says Mode, Thomas will encourage kids to send him in a specific direction. In Race Mode, wave your hand back and forth and Thomas will rev his engine.

Lena and I both enjoyed controlling Thomas with our hands. Little kids will love the “magic” of being able to stop and start Thomas rolling with a wave of their hand. In the video above, Lena demos how to control Thomas. In the video below, she plays a little game of “Thomas Says,” and isn’t fooled when Thomas doesn’t say “Thomas says.”

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