Mosaic Photo Frame Kit | Source: Purple Ladybug

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words would a picture in a customized frame bordered with colorful mother of pearl shells be worth?

We can’t say with certainty, but judging by Purple Ladybug’s Mosaic Photo Frame Kit, our guess is, a lot

Designed for budding artists ages 6 and up, the Mosaic Photo Frame Kit is complete with a wooden frame, a tube of glue, a glue-spreading stick, and 120 grams of brightly colored mother of pearl shells. The frame can display both 4-by-6- and 5-by-7-inch photos. 

Source: Purple Ladybug

The kit comes ready to use, with no external tools necessary for designing (although you may want to use some extra glue for reinforcement if you have it on hand). To decorate the frame, young visionaries will dot the glue in sections on the frame, then spread it using the wooden stick. I found that it was easiest to spread the glue in sections about an inch thick, then fill that section entirely with shells before spreading the next section of glue. This will provide the shells with maximum adhesion. This craft is relatively mess-free, but be sure kids have an open workspace and tablecloth to complete their project. 

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Once the frame is completely covered, kids should give the frame at least three full days for the glue to completely dry before adding the photo and propping it up for display, in order to avoid losing any rogue shells.

The Mosaic Photo Frame Kit is an engaging, screen-free activity that challenges kids to express creativity, while improving their fine motor skills. The frame acts almost like a puzzle, with each individual shell being a crucial piece to the overall picture. Whether the finished product is given as a gift or remains a keepsake for the designer, these mosaic photo frames are sure to add sparkle and color to any shelf.