theorbfactory_morph_actionWhat if ONE squishy, smushy compound could mold, bounce, AND float? You have to feel it to believe it.

Morph, from the Orb Factory, is a brand new compound designed for kids ages 3 and up. Unlike any sand, dough, or clay that we’ve ever seen, Morph is exceptionally light and soft to the touch. The longer kids play with it, the softer and fluffier it gets. Morph can even fluff up to three times its original size.


Kids can mold multiple colors together to create awesome shapes, creatures, structures and anything they can imagine. Unlike other dough compounds, it’s easy to separate Morph so the colors don’t get mixed together. Kids can also roll Morph into balls and watch as it bounces on a flat surface. Best of all, kids can place Morph in water and watch as it magically floats. Kids can even bring it into the bath for extra fun while they get squeaky clean.

Morph is available in six different colors: purple, green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange. As much as kids will love it, adults will, too. Morph makes for the perfect fidget toy, and can even double as a stress reliever.


Kids can stretch Morph super thin to create a fluffy texture, or smash and squish it to create a solid sphere. Morph doesn’t stick to almost any surface, so clean up after creative sessions is super simple. Plus, it never dries out, so even if Morph doesn’t make it back into its included baggie, kids can rest assured their Morph will live to craft another day.

Open-ended toys such as Morph allow kids to explore their imaginations and get creative. And of course, it’s completely non-toxic and Boron free. A true standout from other compounds on the market, Morph will captivate kids and adults alike with its unique texture, weight, and abilities.