Loop Lab, from Mad Science, is a new monthly science subscription box for kids ages 8 and up. 

Kids can get more excited about STEM with each box, and parents who are on the hunt for activities that are both fun and educational can keep kids busy with Loop Lab during spring and summer breaks, vacations, weekends, or any other downtime. Loop Lab also creates an element of surprise for kids who enjoy getting a special delivery each month.

Loop Lab includes three to four science activities in each box, and every month revolves around a different theme of activities and experiments. Kids can learn about “Spy Science” through different activities in February’s box, such as creating secret messages with “invisible ink,” creating their own spy glasses, exploring the science behind 3D, and putting together all the clues to crack the code on the lockbox.

Loop Lab Feb Box

The Mad Science team specializes in educational and scientific entertainment experiences, with more than 30 years of experience developing safety-tested and kid-approved experiments. 

Visit shop.madscience.com to subscribe to Loop Box.