Build-A-Bear Workshop is all about creating a customized furry friend, and now, kids can truly tailor-make their characters from head to toe.

Monster Mixters is a new mixable collection from Build-A-Bear, where kids choose every single component of their new plush. Not only are they super cute, but this new collection also offers a whole new in-store experience. Everyone knows how special it is to take a trip to a Build-A-Bear store, from picking a plush to putting a heart in it. Now, kids can choose the monster body, pick legs, grab arms, and add additional accessories of their choice to create their monster. But, don’t worry—if there’s no store near you, the same experience is offered online.

First, kids choose between a blue body or a rainbow body. Then, they pick one of four leg options: black and white stripes, fuzzy pink, scaly blue, or shiny green. Then, they choose either shiny purple, scaly red, fuzzy black, or shiny grey arms. There are tons of accessories also available, including fuzzy rainbow or robot hands; striped or orange feet; and bat or angel wings. My personal combination included a rainbow body, blue scaly legs, purple arms, rainbow feet, robot arms, and angel wings, looking like this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 12.02.18 PM

The monsters themselves are as furry as they look and are super soft. Their bright, animated faces make them the perfect companion for any kid, and each accessory has its own texture. Kids can truly personalize any of the plush in the Monster Mixers line, and will have tons of fun in the process of doing so!