Let’s do the mash — the Monster Mash! 

There’s really never a bad time to party with a couple of adorable monsters — and game night just might be the perfect occasion for a bash! In Cra-Z-Art’s new matching game, Monster Mash, the monster mayhem comes straight to the tabletop.

Designed for 2-4 players ages 4 and up, Monster Mash combines matching, monsters, and slapping stuff as hard as you can for a totally awesome experience. The game includes 27 monster cards, four wands, and a Monster Maker, which is an adorably strange plastic monster that really controls the heart of the game. 

To start, players place the monster cards in a grid on the table. Then, one player presses down on the Monster Maker’s eyeball to generate a random monster with a specific head, body, and bottom. That monster is represented by one card — and only one card — on the table. The first player to spot the match and whack their wand on top of the card is the winner of the round. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. 

This game is a frantic frenzy of fun. There are no turns, so kids are not bored waiting for their chance to shine. It also helps enhance kids’ hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and matching skills. We love a game that’s as fun as it is educational and beneficial to kids’ development! 

The wands each have little suction cups on the end of them, and kids will definitely love how the cards stick to their wands when they give them a nice loud “thwack!” Players will also enjoy the suspenseful wait of finding out whether your next monster will have horns, fangs, claws, wings, a tail, or any other combination of crazy features. The game also features super-bright colors for even more visual stimulation, and I love that it doesn’t require batteries, giving families a totally unplugged play experience.

Monster Mash is a comical, colorful game the entire family can enjoy. It features fast-paced, silly gameplay that will engage kids while also teaching them a thing or two.