Monopoly: Target Edition will be available on Aug. 1. | Source: Hasbro/the Toy Insider

It’s not like any of us need another reason to fuel our Target addictions, but Hasbro is coming in hot anyway with Monopoly: Target Edition.

Target and Hasbro co-developed the board game to recreate the joy of perusing the aisles of Target. Players can browse their favorite Target sections while moving around the board collecting as many items and Target Circle tokens as they can.

Monopoly: Target Edition | Source: Hasbro

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The game features mini-baskets that players can fill with items on cards, such as action figures, board games, or shampoo; Target Circle tokens printed with a cartoon version of Bullseye, Target’s English bull terrier mascot; and special cards designed to look like Target’s RedCard that give players double the savings. Players can also look for direction cards that say things like: “The cashier says, ‘Come back soon,’ and you respond, ‘You too!” Pay 10” or “A friend canceling plans means a good excuse to wander down a few extra aisles. Collect from the bank.” The playing tokens will include Bullseye, a shopping cart, a shopping bag, and a coffee cup, among others.

Monopoly: Target Edition | Source: Hasbro

This special version of Monopoly will be available to preorder starting on Friday, June 25, with an official Target launch on Aug. 1. Target RedCard holders will receive 5% savings.