Surprise collectible pieces found in Basic Fun!’s Monopoly Surprise | Source: Basic Fun!

Opening a Monopoly Surprise box is just as exciting as passing “Go” on the Monopoly board, except instead of getting $200, kids get exclusive tokens!

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, Monopoly Surprise collectibles from Basic Fun! house five exclusive, collectible tokens within one elaborate box. Inside each box, kids will discover houses, gold bars, coins, and character tokens that they can really use in their Monopoly games, giving their game pieces a bit of an upgrade.

Once kids open the outermost box, they will find … another box! The second box mimics a Monopoly board, with punch-out holes in the shape of icons from the game. Each punch hole houses a different surprise item inside, like an advent calendar. Each piece comes in a little bag which adds a little mess, but the box itself stays in one piece.

There are five pieces to discover in total: two character tokens, two houses, and a coin. The character tokens are wacky and cool — so long, iron, Scottie dog, and racecar! A good number of the tokens feature Mr. Monopoly himself, put into an array of crazy situations, like winning a beauty contest or giving a gift. Others feature icons from the game, such as the Go sign and the “Go to Jail” icon from the board. All of the character tokens are nice silver metal with a bluish tint to them.

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The metal finish doesn’t end at the tokens — even the house pieces get an upgrade. Say goodbye to the dull, green plastic houses and hello to shiny, new (but still green) houses, complete with a metal finish.

While the house and the character tokens are a major glow-up from the originals, the most significant upgrade comes with the money. Instead of flimsy paper money, each box comes with a coin that can replace one of those bills in the game. Just think: having metal coins is going to make the banker’s life so much easier.

Each box is also a set, featuring one of three levels of rareness: common, super-rare, or ultra-rare. If kids open the first slot and find an ultra-rare item, for example, the rest of the items will also be ultra-rare. There are four variants of the common boxes, but only one version each for super- and ultra-rare.

Source: Basic Fun

Not only are these boxes enjoyable to open, but they are also an excellent way to update the family Monopoly set without buying a new one. Or, if kids aren’t in the mood for a Monopoly game, the pieces also make for a fun collection to play with or display!

These affordable surprise boxes will add an extra level of excitement to any family game night, so get ready to pass Go on the way to the store — hopefully, no one lands in jail!