Source: The Op

What’s that coming from the sky on a rainbow slide? Why, it’s Wish Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Funshine Bear, of course — and they’re ready to bring some board game fun to Monopoly.

The Op‘s Monopoly: Care Bears Edition features the bears decked out in their classic ’80s style. Kids ages 8 and up can choose from one of six tokens — including a rainbow roller, a cloud car, and a hot air balloon — to travel through Care-a-Lot with. Each roll of the dice adds a new loveable Care Bear or cousin to the team, including Wish Bear, Cheer Bear, and Brave Heart Lion. Players can use Star Buddies bucks to add heart and cloud castle pieces to their Care-a-Lot properties.

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Instead of the usual community chests and chance cards, this heart-warming edition of the game comes with “sharing” and “caring” cards to help players spread the Care Bear mission of love and kindness.

Monopoly: Care Bears Edition is available now for $39.99 at