685_1_2Aside from adding some playful zest to an otherwise dry text message, emojis give true value to cyber communication by adding personality to blasé texts and minimizing the risk of misinterpretation. In layman’s terms, emojis are ridiculous fun!

Now, with Moji Mi, kids can now enjoy emoticons and emojis in a tangible form. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, Moji Mi from Little Kids are cute plastic characters with a lot to say. They’re basically living emoticons, and unless your kid is friendly with Sheldon James Plankton, they’ll quickly become their most mini friend.

Moji Mi are adorable little creatures, each with their own splash of color and dose of personality. And since no two Mojis are the same, collecting them all is as important as ever. Different personalities include Rock and Roll, Pretty and Pouty, Bold and Bratty, Lovey Dovey, Grumpy and Blue, Happy Go Lucky, Double Dog Daring, Playful and Wild, Clumsy and Cuddly, Sneaky and Sly, Sunny and Bright, and Abuzz with Excitement. Little Kids pretty much covered all the bases, making sure there’s a Moji Mi fit for every kid.

Each Moji Mi sports four tiny strands of hair that act as a communication channel. When kids tickle their hair, they’ll make fun sounds that express how they’re feeling, and when they cross the hairs of two Mojis, they’ll communicate with each other. If kids leave their Moji Mi idle for too long, they’ll even start to snore. And unlike me in the mornings, a quick tap will wake them right up.


Mojis have their own silly language, and they make unique (and often indiscernible) noises that match their personality type. I can compare it to the kind of sounds Minions make, or how I would imagine Mike Tyson would speak after a shot of Novocain. Either way, the gibberish is comical and adds to the fun. I played around with two different Moji personalities: Abuzz with Excitement and Rock and Roll. Each made distinctly different sounds that complemented their style. When I crossed their hairs, they sounded off together.

But fun with Moji Mi doesn’t stop there. With parents’ permission, kids can head online to explore fun Moji Mi games and other activities. Once there, they’ll find things like holiday countdown calendars, prank ideas, and coloring pages that are sure to keep them busy for hours.