Imagine stretching the perfect slime as far as you can expand your arms, squeezing it back down to a colorful, sparkly blob, and then doing it all over again. And now imagine doing it wearing 3D glasses and with colorful mix-ins all the way throughout. You just did it. Your slime just entered a whole new dimension.

The Mix & Mash YoBucket 3D Goosh, from WeCool Toys, adds a new twist to traditional slime play. Kids ages 4 and up can choose from either blue and red or green and magenta color palettes.

First, we need to talk about that this bucket holds three pounds of slime. That’s the same amount as an apple pie, a new pair of boots, or my brand-new copy of Little Women weighs. There’s enough slime for kids to stretch and squeeze all day long, and then some for a sibling or friend. The bucket is also the perfect place for kids to store their slime when they’re done playing with it to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.

The next most-important part about this compound is how it feels and squishes. The slime itself is clear but filled with shiny glitter in one of the two aforementioned color aesthetics. I love that this compound feels soft and smooth with an oh-so-satisfying stretch, but you don’t feel the glitter running in between your fingers.

Now, best for last: This bucket comes with 3D glasses and pompom mix-ins. Kids can add the colored pompoms to their slime to add a new texture and feel to it, making it even more irresistible. The pompoms will become ooey and gooey — which is to be expected. But why the heck does slime need 3D glasses? When kids put them on, they’ll see that the compound pops right before their eyes, adding in a whole new element of fun. The pompoms will give the slime a whole new look the more ways that kids stretch and mold it.

This 3D Goosh bucket takes slime to the next level as kids squish the compound to watch it pop right before their eyes.