Pinkie Cooper and her jet-setting friends are adorable, fashionistas from The Bridge Direct. Little girls can join Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets as they go on international adventures, always looking fabulous from head to toe. The Pinkie Cooper collection dolls are unique because they are dressed in the fashion trends of the places that they visit. Girls can pick up trends from all over the world. Pinkie’s friend, Ginger, finds inspiration for her designs, and Pepper, the music-loving gal pal, picks just the right playlist for travel. All of the dolls have pets and unique personalities that are shared through their ensembles and accessories. The fun continues with Pinkie Post, Pinkie’s blog where she updates fans on travel finds and occurrences. Collections include Pinkie Cooper Travel, Pinkie Cooper Runway, and Jet Set Pets; Pinkie Cooper Fashion Packs are also available in the Party Collection, as well as Jet Set Wardrobe Cases.

I just think that these dolls are perfect for little girls because the fun never stops. Pinkie’s blog gives fans something to always look forward to. New collections and Pinkie’s Post makes it impossible for get bored of Pinkie, and I know that growing up, that was my qualm with dolls. The three characters are so diverse that each girl will have one that she relates to and feels most attached to. It doesn’t hurt that the dolls couldn’t possibly be any cuter in their chic, international fashion!

See Pinkie Cooper and her friends in action here!