Have you ever wanted a Minion of your very own that’s always at your service?

Thanks to WowWee‘s new Minion MiP Turbo Dave, kids can be in charge of their very own Minion. This lovable yellow goofball features GestureSense technology that allows kids to control him with hand motions. Holding your hand in front of Dave will make him move forward, then kids can guide them through turns and move him in any direction they please.

Turbo Dave also features lots of sensors, so he can also react to pokes, claps, and shakes, and he knows when he’s being turned upside down. Of course, we know that our favorite goofy Minions are always doing their own thing—even if it causes chaos—so Turbo Dave can also move on his own, dancing, singing, and exploring wherever he’d like to go.

Minion MiP Turbo Dave also comes with a companion app that allows kids to control Dave even more. The app allows kids to further interact with their new Minion in multiple ways. Kids can draw a path in the app for Dave, and watch him follow it IRL. Dave can go into dance mode where he breaks it down, or kids can code in movements or emotions for Dave to act out IRL. (Yep, that’s right, STEM lovers. Basic coding!) Through the app, Turbo Dave can interact with characters and props from the Despicable Me movies, bringing the whole franchise to life through this little robotic pal.

Plus, if you’ve got access to two Turbo Daves through the app, they can have a fart blaster battle—and I honestly can’t think of anything funnier than that.

With more than 140 sounds and phrases, kids will be able to constantly discover new things about Turbo Dave for hours of fun. Whether he’s going crazy on his own, or listening to kids’ orders, he’s sure to bring a smile to all faces—just like the silly Minions from the movies.

Remember, these lovable Minions can melt the heart of even the baddest villain.